Elevate your next New Age Music Promotion to a higher note. Let us help “drum up” some excitement about your new release! Let us help spread your music and message to the world.

Successful New Age music promotion isn’t just about gathering and sending your materials off to radio stations and hoping something sticks; hoping someone likes your music enough to give it some airplay. There’s a story in your music about you and there’s a story about what you’ve created and why you’ve created it. There’s an excitement. There’s a conversation. There’s a connection; a personalized touch, which has been missing from music promotion.

I’m pleased and excited to announce High Note Music Promotions. As a successful New Age recording artist myself, I know what is needed for a successful promotion. Here’s what our results-oriented music promotions can do for you:

 Full out radio promotion to our exclusive, bona fide, updated, thoroughly vetted New Age music radio station list, including Internet stations, terrestrial stations, airlines, and business overhead in-store play.

Our New Age music promotions include:

  • Professional development by a professional writer of your bio, one-sheet, and the other promotional materials necessary as a foundation for your successful music promotion
  • Full, professionally written album review (or single review)
  • Your review submitted to Sedona Journal of Emergence (album or single)
  • Your review published on our websites, social media, iTunes, Amazon, and anywhere else we can post it
  • Featured Artist/Featured Album (available separately)/Featured Video on New Age CD / New Age Notes. Includes top banner feature, New Age CDs of Note, and your music video/s on our website/s.
  • CD cover art advertisement on New Age CD and New Age Notes with a direct buying link
  • Ongoing social media promotion. You will be featured on our Facebook social media pages and we will also share your important posts.
  • Airplay rotation on New Age Notes Radio (One of the only New Age radio stations that pays performance royalties collected and distributed by your PRO, i.e., ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, plus Sound Exchange)
  • Your station ID and liner ad on New Age Notes Radio
  • Playlists – our own, plus Spotify
  • Charting
  • Follow-up! We regularly follow up with our radio station partners and keep you informed of progress
  • Opportunity for live streaming from our site/s (coming soon)
  • Opportunity to include your meditation music and/or meditations on our Meditation Goddess website
  • Interviews
  • Press release
  • We will send physical CD (if you have one) to the radio stations that still request a physical CD at no additional cost to you
  • If you need it, optional consulting/ mentoring / guidance /with the business side of things, ie., strategies, metadata, sheet music, sync, music libraries, registering your music, branding, social media presence, setting your release for pre-order, etc.
  • We won’t work with everyone. If we don’t think we can effectively promote your music, then we won’t
  • Other, as it develops

Dyan Garris

Please consider us for your next music promotion. We will help develop an effective strategy for getting you seen, heard, and paid.

-Dyan Garris